AVGIL Calcium Carbonate

Ultra fine calcium carbonate powder is used to improve the whiteness and brightness of paper therefore reducing costs for paper manufacturers by replacing expensive fiber and pigments. It is also used in the manufacture of non-acidic paper.

Plastics and Rubber

Calcium carbonate powder is the most engineered filler used in plastics.  It is mainly used in the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene, thermo set polyesters and polyolefin. Its use enables controlled whiteness and improved impact strength. Calcium carbonate powder also aids in processing, and acts as a heat sink in exothermic curing systems. Calcium carbonate-containing plastics are commonly found in shower stalls, bathroom sinks, pipes and conduits, garden furniture, car dashboards, and in commercial and residential floor tiles. It is also used as filler for rubber
products, improving physical characteristics such as ageing resistance


Caulks and Sealants

Calcium carbonate filler is routinely used in the manufacture of caulks and sealants. In addition to its properties as a filler, it acts to control flow behaviour during the application process

Carpet Backing

Calcium carbonate powder enhances the viscosity and volume of the latex adhesive used to hold carpet fibres in place

Calcium carbonate powder makes up about 20% of the pigment used by the paint industry. Due to its controlled colour and low cost, it is the industrial mineral of choice for extending the resins or polymers that make up paints. It is also used to control the sheen or gloss in flat paints. In water-based paints, it substantially shortens drying time.

Herbicides and Insecticides 
Calcium carbonate powders are widely used as carriers for herbicides and insecticides.

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