AVGIL Calcium Carbonate powders:

AVGIL is a white calcium carbonate powder designed as a filler for a wide range of industrial uses, including paper, plastics, rubber, caulks & sealants, adhesives, paint, herbicides and insecticides. It is available as a natural and treated powder and in a wide range of particle size distributions (PSD), from coarse, fine to ultra fine powders. Raw materials are mined in Kfar Giladi's limestone quarries throughout Israel.

AVGIL calcium carbonate powders increase the bulk and lower the production costs of the final product. They can also improve certain mechanical and physical properties of the material, increasing the range of potential applications.

AVGIL'S manufacturing process utilizes the world's most sophisticated dry grinding, classifying and coating equipment. Stringent quality control is maintained throughout the process, with continuous testing for particle size distribution, whiteness, dryness and pH for guaranteed purity and consistency.


GRANULITE  Accurate Aggregate:

Kfar Giladi Playground Accurate Aggregate is a natural cream and rose coloured gravel of 2.5 – 4.5 mm, mined in Kfar Giladi's Galilee quarries. Its unique manufacturing process enables the creation of a product which is both pleasant to touch, and an attractive landscaping feature. Most importantly, it ensures a safe playing environment, meeting the  Israeli standard for playground surfacing.

GRANULITE is designed for a wide range of applications that include playground surfacing, desalination systems, and animal feed additives.

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